Tech companies’ scorecards for 2021 are in and we saw the drastic changes of Southeast Asian tech companies post-IPO. We also saw how the ecosystem in the region evolved over the years and how Southeast Asia ranked against global emerging markets in 2021.

Each sector in Southeast Asia fared differently, the effects of the pandemic clearly visible. Are there any correlations between the trends? 

Entertainment sector got a booster due to COVID-19

Before 2021, the entertainment sector was rather quiet. Thanks to Vietnam’s crypto and play-to-earn sector, the amount of excitement in entertainment has surged.

Varied sectors across fintech emerged winners in 2021

2021 – The year of missing digital banks

After 800+ digital wallets were created in Southeast Asia in 2018, we saw that companies were building infrastructure around it. In 2021, many companies acquired digital banking licenses but are yet to set up shop. if wish to know more, you can download our reports here.

Axie Infinity – One-time success or the path to success?

We have seen many companies trying to replicate Axie Infinity’s success, and reports trying to explain its popularity. Is it one-off or is it the start of something bigger? We will see.

You can view a recording of the Tech Investment in Southeast Asia: On the crest of a wave here.

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