We took a look at the record market correction in 2021 and how Southeast Asia fared gainst other global emerging markets in 2021  during Tech Investment in Southeast Asia: On the crest of a wave.

When we take a closer look at Southeast Asia, how did tech companies’ stock prices fluctuate since they went IPO? And how did crypto companies do?

Southeast Asia saw record capital, thanks to increase in IPOs

IPOs contributed significantly to the record amount of capital in Southeast Asia.

Macro sentiment of capital markets

A fairly good number of public listed tech companies are from Southeast Asia and the macro market sentiment reflected this quite accurately.

However, the scorecards of companies’ IPOs tell a different story

Crypto companies have a fluctuating graph too

Axie Infinity and OMG Network also saw drastic price movements from the second half of 2021.

Overall, things have changed… for the better?

Local startup ecosystem in 2014-2016 is quite different from now. Things have become much flashier, like the monkey hanging outside Lazada’s headquarters.

You can view a recording of the Tech Investment in Southeast Asia: On the crest of a wave here.

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