We discussed the record market correction towards the end of 2021 and how there is no reason to panic as undeployed capital is waiting on the horizon. You can read the first part here.

How did 2021 and the market correction affect tech investment in Southeast Asia? Where does the region stand amongst other global emerging markets? 

Let’s take a look:

How did Southeast Asia compare against other emerging markets?

Southeast Asia’s 69% growth in total investment fades in comparison to the tremendous growth seen in other emerging markets such as Latin America and India.


Southeast Asia saw a reduced percentage of funding compared to other emerging markets

Southeast Asia in global VC landscape

When you look at the funding numbers, Southeast Asia is becoming more obscure in the global VC landscape.


Benchmarking Latin America and Southeast Asia – why do the developmental pathways differ?

Latin America and Southeast Asia

You can view a recording of the Tech Investment in Southeast Asia: On the crest of a wave here.

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