The Impulso Podcast is hosted by us at Momentum Works, twice a week, every week. Tune in to hear our in-house experts, community and guests unpack the latest trends, undercurrents and lessons in tech across borders. We explore topics like innovation, ecommerce, digital financial services, venture investment, and the broader digital economy. ‏‏‎ ‎In addition to covering our home base of Southeast Asia and advanced global markets like the US, we also draw extensive lessons from tech companies in China.

After a very brief hiatus, the team is back in the studio to recap their recent trip to China. Hear about the companies they visited, where you can pick up a coffee with a machine washable teddy bear attached to it, and what a flying taxi is. Experiencing China on the ground is quite different from what the news portrays, so why not hear what it’s like from the team that has just spent weeks there? If you are yet to listen to part one of this two-part in-depth recap, check out E25 just above this one wherever you choose to get your podcasts, or scroll to the bottom of this page to click play now!

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In part two of this two-part in-depth recap, we explore what it is like to participate in a China Digital Leadership immersion. Details can be found here:

and a short description follows below.

China is back in business. The country’s consumer businesses, already infused with tech and innovation before the pandemic, have evolved to be more innovative and competitive. When the economy matures and natural growth slows down, tech platforms and other businesses are innovating even faster to stay competitive.


Bring your leaders on this practical and experiential immersion journey into China with Momentum Academy, where you will learn the latest technological and innovation trends, converse with industry leaders and practitioners to understand the logic behind, and bring such learnings back to your business.


The immersion programme covers a selected spectrum of key topics in innovation, including business models, products, operations, and platform ecosystems (see all our modules below) . We will curate the experience based on your leader’s priorities.


The Momentum Academy curriculum facilitate discussions to provide relevant background knowledge, context and behind-the-scene stories. These will ensure the learnings can resonate directly with your unique business landscape.

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