By any measure, Zoom’s debut performance on Nasdaq is stellar.

We’ve been using Zoom for about two years.

We first started when we had needs to communicate with the team and partners in the Middle East. Whatsapp or WeChat call would not work for obvious reasons; Skype, which we had been using as a default conference app, decided to become very complicated and unfriendly (thanks to Microsoft perhaps).

Friends in Dubai suggested: “Why don’t you try Zoom”?

Even if now Zoom is patchy for our communications with the Middle East (we now use Slack for that), the tool has proliferated within the team of Momentum Works (which is now in 8 locations across 5 countries) and our partners.

One of our partners in China has become such an enthusiastic supporter that whenever someone asked him how he handles cross border video conferences, his answer is always “I’m using Zoom, you should too.”

Does this remind you of Jira or Slack?

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