Overheard in the Chinese tech grapevine. 

Allegedly it is a true story: 

After crunching a lot of data, an internet company in China discovered a correlation between goers of specific movies and surges of sales of specific drinks. 

That is,  people who watched “The Wandering Earth” (流浪地球) prefer hot drinks, while those who watched “Wolf Warrior 2” (战狼2) prefer cold drinks. 

“Both movies had the same star, Wu Jing, followed a tight (somehow nationalistic) storyline and were box office hits – but why the difference in drink preferences?” 

“If we can figure this out, we can unlock massive business opportunities!” 

They were puzzled and started conducting all sorts of analyses. 

Until someone said: “Could it be because “The Wandering Earth” was released in winter and “Wolf Warrior 2” was released in the summer?” 

So, after all that research, it turned out they had just overlooked the obvious / common sense. 

Sounds familiar? 


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