As the projects are picking up pace, we are hiring super interns for May to August (and beyond).

While we would love to have candidates working in the HQ office in Singapore, we are pretty flexible with the location, especially when covid taught us how to collaborate effectively remotely. We had interns and team members from as far as Germany and Mexico last year (yeah, time zone difference was hard but the experience is unique and rewarding). 

Not sure what Momentum Works does? Check out our website ( or the posts on this blog 😉 

Please do note that the following positions are interchangeable – and the requirements are the same. We arrange tasks and learning by sprints – so if you are up for it, you can do all four! 


1 – Business Development Intern

  • Assist business development managers in various projects; 
  • Assist in lead identification, proposal, negotiations and project execution; 
  • Engage with clients/partners on related projects;
  • Engage with the community of key stakeholders/influencers; 

2 – Research Analyst Intern

  • Research on specific topics concerning tech and digital economy in emerging markets; 
  • Execute insight/research report projects; 
  • Write outstanding/refreshing opinions/analyses; 
  • Engage with clients/partners on related projects; 
  • Engage with the community of key stakeholders/influencers; 
  • Ad-hoc research to support other teams (venture, investment, and advisory);

3 – Content Creation Intern – insights/analyses 

  • Write insightful/refreshing content for our blog TheLowDown (or WeChat channel in Chinese) on tech, investment, innovation and disruption; 
  • Conduct high level discussions with key stakeholders for insights; 
  • Coordinate with insights and venture teams to export their experience through the blogs; 

4 – Product Management Intern – social app

  • Assisting Product Managers in product development cycle;
  • Collect and synthesize customer feedback, and devise product requirements; 
  • Communicate with product sponsor, users and development team to ensure fast iteration of the product


  • Structured, critical thinker and comfortable with data (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Passionate about tech, internet and ventures
  • Confident to communicate with all levels of stakeholders, including external partners and clients
  • Driven, tenacious, flexible & adaptable 
  • Ambitious, and different 
  • Good sense of humour

Just give you a sense of how the team is collaborating (effectively or not) on line: 


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