The article was originally published on Momentum Works’s WeChat official account, and translated into English by the team. 

Over the last couple of days many of our friends have been sharing photos of Lazada One – the company’s new corporate headquarters in Singapore. The emphasis is not how modern or pleasant the building is (compared to other big tech headquarters recently set up in Singapore), but …

… the giant inflatable monkey that is climbing outside its walls:

Glowing under the morning sun:

The 14 meter (or 5 storey) tall inflatable Rhinopithecus (or snow nosed monkey) was created by Australian artist Lisa Roet for the Earth Day.  For this occasion, Roet actually did an interview with Singapore media:

Roet specialises in wall climbing monkeys, and her works have appeared in many buildings in the West:

Roet told the media: “The idea is that people will look at the monkey and be surprised at why it’s there. Then the conversation happens, especially through the media, about this increasing need to be aware of a sustainable environment. It’s Earth Day. It’s a great time to talk about it.”

It is said that the monkey will remain at Lazada’s wall for four months:

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