Momentum Works Jianggan Li and Cento VenturesDmitry Levit are back with their Southeast Asia tech investment trends series in 2022.

In the first fireside chat of this year, Jianggan and Dmitry were joined by a very special guest, Rui Ma, the founder of Tech Buzz China, and an ex-500 Startups investment partner.

The three of them spoke about tech investment in Latin America and how benchmarking Southeast Asia with Latin America could enable a deeper discussion on how (and why) each ecosystem has evolved the way it is. They also delve into what lies ahead for the regions and what it means for individuals and investors.

The major questions that were addressed during the discussion were:

  1. Why are we doing this LATAM <> SEA benchmarking?
  2. The macro similarities and differences in SEA and LATAM
  3. Difference in development pathways of key sectors across two regions. Why?
  4. What is next?

Apart from these questions, we also received an interesting question during the seminar, which we couldn’t answer due to time constraints. We asked our panellists for the answer and here it is:

  • When do you think ecommerce/logistics will deep dive? Also, how do you think Amazon competes in some of these local markets with startups and local contenders?

As Shopee is starting to compete against Amazon in Europe, India and Latin America, Amazon will probably not be constraining itself to Singapore for its consumer ecommerce platform. That said, Amazon has not had a very good track record in emerging markets. To succeed, its executives will need to truly practise “learn and be curious” leadership principle.

You can view the complete fireside chat here:

You can also download a copy of our report, Southeast Asia & Latin America – learning digital emerging markets playbooks – here

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