Tuesday, September 28, 2021

When BAT becomes ATM

Just when you think the game is over, the market always surprises you. 

Chinese VCs find it hard to invest in Indonesia?

Fewer Chinese founders, expensive deals and unfamiliar sectors - these problems will disappear once you know the market more
Titans entering e-commerce enabling space - How are they looking up?

Titans entering e-commerce enabling space – How are they looking up?

Increasingly crowded space Recently, we sat down with a friend who operates in the e-commerce enabling space, where he briefly summarized his thoughts as follows:...

Majority of 2nd batch Grab Ventures Velocity startups Indonesian

Exciting time to build startups in Indonesia

Souq is dead, long live Amazon (as we had predicted)

War drums right ahead of Ramadan

A sneak peak into ecommerce logistics in Saudi Arabia

Local ecommerce marketplaces in the Middle East don’t have as much variety as ecommerce players from other regions. Therefore, consumers are looking abroad to...

Why ecommerce into Indonesia always clears customs in Jakarta

Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta International airport is the preferred entry port for ecommerce. Why? In the scenario where majority of the parcels bound for Indonesia are for...

Halal B2B ecommerce: an uncontested blue ocean

As a consumer of halal goods, a constant observation is that it is often challenging to find products that meet my expectation while travelling...

aCommerce – trouble in paradise?

aCommerce was once the big brother of e-commerce enablers. Founded in Thailand in 2013, it was set up with the aim of providing support...

Final verdict: how many 2018 SEA predictions did we get right?

GoPay, bitcoins and corporate innovation are the biggest disappointments.

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