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This episode focuses on a thesis that says Malaysia is the best country to invest in SEA. Along with this sentiment, Jianggan and Alex discuss the big opportunities to build or invest in Southeast Asia that are not related to tech. Did the foodtech platforms have the right investment and execution thesis? Jianggan provides great insights and nuance to the China Covid situation you usually won’t hear from anywhere else.

Here is the breakdown of the episode

  • Intro (00:00:00)
  • Malaysia vs Singapore – Most Investable Country Malaysia (00:01:25)
  • Non-Tech Investment Opportunities (00:07:36)
  • Bubble Tea & Beverages (00:10:54)
  • Backend Supply Chain Innovation (00:13:27)
  • Front End F&B Innovation (00:21:30)
  • FoodTech Platforms (Grab, GoTo, FoodPanda, DeliveryHero) (00:25:37)
  • Poland vs Indonesia (00:34:05)
  • Truly Regional Businesses (00:38:46)
  • China CCP Covid Situation (00:40:44)

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