Low Level Barbarians, co-hosted by Alex Le, Dave Chang, Jianggan Li and Andrew Gananantham, is a show that covers discussion and debate around trending topics from Asia on Asia. Topics can range widely from technology, startups, VC, investing, society, economics, and more. You can view summaries of Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4, Episode 5 and Episode 6.

In Episode 7, we share our perspectives (and some times debate) on four major topics:

  1. Shopee is going global and has hit a 200B market cap, making it one of the top largest tech companies in the world. What has contributed to Shopee’s global domination, and can they hold up to any potential competition?
  2. The second topic naturally moved to the evolution of gaming companies into platform players.
  3. We dig further and explore 2 of Vietnam’s latest unicorns, Sky Mavis, with their current hit Axie Infinity, and Amanotes, with Magic Tile 3. Tune in to learn how SEA unicorns will continue to pop up and thrive in the region.

Tune in to find out! Links below:

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