Wednesday, February 1, 2023

How do you do marketing during the Covid-19 pandemic?

if you are pausing your customer acquisition activities during COVID-19 epidemic you were not doing it right anyways

Why power bank sharing has not worked in Singapore

Capital and execution

How to spend $75 million on digital ads and fail

It was just not done…

Growth: The only marketing metrics CEOs need to know

This is the second in a series of articles on Essential Understanding of Growth in 2020, contributed by Unmarketd, a curated marketplace for elite performance...

Growth: where Uber got it right, wrong and not at all

What is the right growth mix?

Impossible trinity of B2B startups

Volume, Turnover and Margin

Has social media hit peak innovation?

A few days ago, we wrote about Facebook going from Social to E-commerce with its MarketPlace. Eager to explore other ways to monetize or grow...
Best Creative Outdoor Ads

Outdoor ads, why and why not?

Opinion:  It is a less aggressive marketing method than you thought Nowadays, selection for the best advertising channels starts to become a dilemma for advertisers....

Advertising on Facebook and Google is like breathing, isn’t it?

Any other options than turning into a “street vendor”?

Why “Getting rid of the middlemen” startups often fail

Disintermediation has always been a common startup idea, but what exactly are you trying to replace?

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