Last month, Meituan started testing its new user interface to some users, in potentially the biggest revamp since a few years ago.

In the test home page version revealed by LatePost, the key functions in the “super app” are grouped into a few categories (clock wise from the yellow box in the screenshot below): “Deliver to Home”, “Travel & Outing”, “Local services” and “Gaming and perks”.

Most frequent applications, including: “Food delivery”, “Restaurants”, “Hotels/lodging”, “Leisure”, and “Film/Performances”, are put above the four categories.

Comparing with the current version (below), You would also notice that the “bicycles” and “ride-hailing” are no longer on top, while “QR scanning” and “Payment code” are moved to the top right.

“Much cleaner and more visually pleasant” – say a few friends who have seen the test version.

Of course, this might not be the final version released to all customers. The product team will still need to see the test results to decide.

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