Wednesday, December 11, 2019

How Trump squandered opportunities to win the trade war

The balance has decidedly shifted

China’s Quora lands US$434m investment from… Baidu & Kuai?!

Maybe it is an alliance being formed to arrest the momentum of Bytedance?

Why did Alibaba buy NetEase’s ecommerce business for US$2b

It is harder and harder for other ecommerce players to compete against Alibaba

Wuzhen Summit – Where you’d find all sorts of gadgets

I got the opportunity to go to the 5th World Internet Conference (WIC) held in Wuzhen late last year. It was an invite-only event...

What is causing the slide of Focus Media?

A few underwhelming IPOs

Xiaohongshu banned in China?

There are some bigger issues out there.

Xiaomi – now a Fortune 500 company

It has come a long way, and still a long journey ahead.

Tencent doomed to fail in B2B?

We are not, and we should not be, fatalistic

It’s been a year since Xiaomi’s IPO

Share price has halved

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