Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Luckin overtakes Starbucks in China?

And it plans to increase density via vending machines

How Jack Ma handles big layoffs?

1000 every year.

Momentum Works’ predictions for 2020

We added Chuhai this time round

Is this leading insuretech company in China a fraud?

It is not, we believe.

Alibaba’s 11.11 – more than just record sales

A major test to propel the team to new heights

Didi ressurects its most profitable service

More than a year after two murder cases led to its suspension

Join China & Southeast Asia Venture Summit – 5 Dec 2019,...

Navigating the SEAs: Growing and Investing in Southeast Asia White Paper will be released

What did Meituan do to MoBike

The colour is the most ironic change

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