Wednesday, December 11, 2019

OYO = ofo in China?

Localisation, especially in China, is not easy

“What’s your problem?”

Robin Li, founder of Baidu, is soaked with water

Why nobody in China goes to Carrefour anymore

You just need to visit one store to find out

OYO lays off thousands in China

Thousands of jobs in BD and ops are cut

Carrefour is finally giving up on China

Lost to the era of ecommerce

Former Meituan COO shares how to build a good sales team

And issues of strategy & talent in general

Ex-CEO of Alibaba shares how to build successful B2B companies

Seven important areas of B2B ecommerce addressed

Alipay starts doing payroll for companies

It strengthens Alipay's penetration into businesses

Why is Luckin Coffee luckier than Ofo?

Interests are much more aligned in this case

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