Monday, June 14, 2021

Tencent to face fintech clampdown in China? Fake News!

This article is submitted by a friend of Momentum Works who prefers to be anonymous. The person knows Tencent well. The opinions expressed here...

Will live commerce survive Southeast Asia?

When scrolling through an ecommerce platform, a question popped up so what is ecommerce? Is it just a platform to sell online? Or is...

Kuaishou IPO is another big win for Tencent

After Meituan, Pinduoduo, JD, and Sea Group

160 billion Chinese money flowing into Hong Kong stock market since...

Tech, and especially SaaS, stocks are the big beneficiaries. But what is behind this massive drive?

Jack Ma is back!

Not a big deal, as we previously explained.

MW 2021 Predictions: Southeast Asia & Chuhai

The year that just passed, 2020, was exceptional. Many of us were locked in our respective countries, cities or for some parts of the...

What might be fishy behind these accusations against Tesla in China?

Always interesting to look at the background of the accusers

Is Alibaba’s antitrust crisis over?

Understand the context, pick up the official signals

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