Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Why did Alibaba buy NetEase’s ecommerce business for US$2b

It is harder and harder for other ecommerce players to compete against Alibaba

Wuzhen Summit – Where you’d find all sorts of gadgets

I got the opportunity to go to the 5th World Internet Conference (WIC) held in Wuzhen late last year. It was an invite-only event...

What is causing the slide of Focus Media?

A few underwhelming IPOs

Xiaohongshu banned in China?

There are some bigger issues out there.

Xiaomi – now a Fortune 500 company

It has come a long way, and still a long journey ahead.

Tencent doomed to fail in B2B?

We are not, and we should not be, fatalistic

It’s been a year since Xiaomi’s IPO

Share price has halved

OYO = ofo in China?

Localisation, especially in China, is not easy

“What’s your problem?”

Robin Li, founder of Baidu, is soaked with water

Why nobody in China goes to Carrefour anymore

You just need to visit one store to find out

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