Wednesday, April 8, 2020

End of P2P in China?

Strictest rules to date

When BAT becomes ATM

Just when you think the game is over, the market always surprises you. 

Data companies in China feeling the heat

To be competitive, they are almost compelled to do something illegal

Why JVs between Chinese & Southeast Asian tech firms often fail

You probably have seen a few instances of Joint Ventures being announced between a big Chinese tech firm and a strong local partner in...

Why P2P is doomed in China?

It is so easy to get into a vicious cycle

Sneakers are the new bitcoins in China?

The craze is buoyed by the crypto trading infrastructure and talent looking for the next big thing

So many pretenders, now real Costco is in China

Retail is still hard in China

It is time to redefine B2B

This is a presentation from Ms Yuemei Lv, who has invested in several unicorn cases on internet+ and is now an associate partner of...

Unknown last year, these companies are tech superstars now

Excerpt: They were all at Wuzhen Summit and Expo last year Few outside China has heard of Wuzhen Summit - however, inside China, it is...

How Trump squandered opportunities to win the trade war

The balance has decidedly shifted

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