Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Chinese internet users spent 6 billion hours online in one day…

Short videos are seeing the biggest growth

Who wrote mysterious report claiming Luckin Coffee is fraud?

We are never short of conspiracy theories

A coronavirus press conference that went disastrous

And the myth about the number of masks

Bytedance takes over a film for 630m

Changing the landscape of entertainment

WeChat 2019 in numbers

An interesting way to get a glimpse of Chinese internet user behaviour

Luckin overtakes Starbucks in China?

And it plans to increase density via vending machines

How Jack Ma handles big layoffs?

1000 every year.

Momentum Works’ predictions for 2020

We added Chuhai this time round

Is this leading insuretech company in China a fraud?

It is not, we believe.

China regulates online P2P lending, requiring 1billion paid up capital

P2P is legalised, but not in the form of P2P

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