Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Is Meituan facing the new Chinese govt crackdown or not?

"The market has overreacted"

China has cracked down top live stream influencers; what’s next?

The Chinese government’s latest crackdown saw live stream influencers scrambling to get their finances right. China’s top live stream influencer Huang Wei, popularly known...

Verdict of Momentum Works 2021 Predictions – Southesat Asia & Chuhai

A very happy and prosperous 2022! Come December, it has become customary to end the year with a review of our yearly predictions. Though we...

Tencent divesting Sea Group shares should be seen as good news

Reducing the regulatory risks of the latter

Spring cleaning in winter – Chinese companies are laying off hundreds!...

Though it’s the end of the year, Chinese companies are spring cleaning – reorganizing their structure. In other words, they are laying off people. Come...

More than 20% cars sold in China are new energy?

Up from less than 6% in 2020

Chinese regulators told ecommerce logistics players to stop excessive competition

And actively explore global expansion.

China’s anti-monopoly crackdown is far from over, here is why

Promotion leads to pressure to deliver

Why is this year’s 11.11 shopping fest so quiet in China?

Do not gate crash the party

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