Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Chinese regulators explain the recent internet finance ban

How internet platforms selling deposit products increases systemic risk

Community group-buy: another ecommerce war heats up in China

Every internet giant in China wants to do it

Why is Carvana share price surging after it missed sales estimates?

Focusing on cost reduction, standards and value adding at each part of the value chain

China’s experience shows tech innovation never stops

We often hear this argument: “all the business models in tech have been exploited, there is nothing else to invest in in Southeast Asia”...

Not so unprecedented times? Startups failed before Covid too

It is true that Covid-19 has caused unprecedented disruption in certain industries. Every day you hear discussions about startup layoffs, investors holding back, whether...

Meituan enters power bank sharing, for the 4th time

Big threat to the profitable incumbents

Food delivery platforms’ 30% commission is justified

And please, no more talks about hawker food delivery

China blocked export of 33m pieces of unlicensed medical supplies

How much has China really exported?

What you often DO NOT understand about Chinese decision making

Key is still to be humble, to understand, and to avoid making simplistic judgements.

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