Monday, November 29, 2021

An ad-exchange for micro influencers?

An ad-exchange for micro influencers? How to track the ROI of marketing spend with these entrepreneurs. By now we all know that effective marketing is a...

Pinduoduo’s new monetisation tactic

The best business model in China, only if it was legal

Softbank + Alibaba (SA) vs. Google + Tencent (GT)

It is a battle between the largest Chinese e-commerce platform versus dominating social media and gaming company, but not just Alibaba and Tencent alone...

Southeast Asia – More late-stage money available?

From 2016 to 2017, total VC investment in SEA rose from US $2.52 billion to $7.86 billion despite the fact that the number of...

How hard is it to beat Grab in Vietnam?

A horde of ride hailing players, domestic and foreign alike, are trying to chip away at Grab’s market share in Vietnam. But can they? Grab...

How much is Grab really worth

For investors, there is still huge upside potential; for management, the challenge is to realise this potential

Middle East – Budding opportunities for ecommerce?

Despite the rapid growth in the market, ecommerce sales only makes up to 2% of total retail volume - which spells huge opportunities.

It’s half year – how are our 2018 predictions doing?

Overall - not bad I would say.
singpost needs to innovate

How can SingPost save itself?

SingPost still seems to be rather unsuccessful in making use of its connections and reputation to fuel its growth in the logistics and ecommerce...

“We have updated our privacy policy”

Have you received many emails about updating their privacy policies? The newly effective GDPR is impacting the way of data use, and it is changing the policy-making in Southeast Asia too.

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