Saturday, May 30, 2020

Amazon has this key advantage over Alibaba (for now)

Amazon, as a company, is much more international in terms of working language, talent and culture.

KKR invests into aCommerce, what is the strategy

When a US$153 billion juggernaut makes a move, they probably saw an opportunity that others missed.

Rise of cross-border C2C shopping

Availability of platforms such as Jetspree and Airfrov, has helped turn every passenger into a potential personal shopper.

Alibaba is an advertising company, more than an ecommerce one

60% of Alibaba's revenues are now derived from its advertising platform - Alimama.

Thailand’s Central Group is going big OFFLINE

It is setting aside US$1.5 billion to grow its physical stores across Thailand and Vietnam

Will Alibaba replace more people at Lazada?

The new Lazada CEO Lucy Peng is a heavy weight. She will make a lot of swift changes at the company.

[MW Special Report] Ecommerce in Thailand – Part 2

A more detailed analysis on policy, players and other factors in Thailand's ecommerce market

[MW Special Report] Ecommerce in Thailand – Part 1

Will everyone get a slice of the pie in Thailand's e-commerce industry?

[MW Weekend] All things big and small

Brilliantly written brief on the state of ecommerce in India

Amazon enters Vietnam?

It only takes 2 days to ship goods from China to Vietnam by land, and Amazon's already there.

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