Monday, December 5, 2022

Southeast Asia investment opportunities

Southeast Asia investment opportunities

Four key perspectives to refresh the perceptions for investors and ecosystem stakeholders

Southeast Asia is finally entering the spotlight: 

  • Private tech investment in the region grew 16x from 2013 to $8.2B in 2020; 
  • Market cap of the region’s largest tech company, Sea Group soured 10x since Jan 2020, from $19B to $184B in Nov 2021; 
  • Few other unicorns like Grab, Goto and Traveloka are in the pipeline to go public 

However, understanding about Southeast Asia is diverse. 

This briefing uncovers what is exactly happening on the ground – beyond the rhetoric, euphoria, and sometimes skepticism. 

We structure this report around four key perspectives: 

  1. Southeast Asia is a set of sizable economies where megacities play a key role. 
  2. Southeast Asia’s young, urban consumers are already part of the digital economy.
  3. Rising giants are competitive in slicing the market.
  4. Regional businesses have a strong moat.