Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Who is Nubank?

Who is Nubank?

Learnings from the top Brazil’s digital bank


Founded in São Paulo, Brazil in 2013, Nubank has evolved to be the one of the world’s biggest digital banks and has expanded into several countries in the LATAM region.

Who is Nubank will be the third issue of Momentum Works’ Digital banks series, following Rise of Digital banks in Indonesia report and Digital banks in Malaysia report. 

This report breaks down the anatomy and success of Nubank. We provide our perspective of its future expansion of this digital banking superpower and their plans outside LATAM. 

In our exclusive report, we answer few fundamental questions: 

  1. Who is Nubank and what do they offer?
  2. What are Nubank’s winning factors?
  3. What is its expansion plan and global strategy?
  4. What can other banking players learn from its success?

List of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Opportunity and road to success
  3. The company: organisation and investors
  4. Key success factors
  5. Global ambition and expansion plan

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