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Who is Shopee

Who is Shopee

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Shopee, Sea Group, Mercado Libre, Amazon


Shopee, an ecommerce platform launched in 2015, has ascended to be the leading ecommerce platform in Southeast Asia, serving a region of more than 600 million people.

In recent years, Shopee has gone on to achieve other milestones in financial services and has made inroads into Latin America in 2019. 

With its strings of successes, Shopee’s success factors and strategy are still mysterious to many. 

In our exclusive report, we answer few fundamental questions: 

  1. How Shopee won ecommerce in Southeast Asia? 
  2. What will Shopee likely do in Latin America? 
  3. What challenges will Shopee face in expanding in Latin America? 
  4. How is Shopee compared to other local players in Latin America? 
  5. Is Shopee’s winning streak sustainable?

Table of contents: 

  1. Who is Shopee
  2. Introduction to Sea Group
  3. Shopee Organisation
  4. How it won ecommerce in Southeast Asia
  5. What’s next
  6. Conclusions and perspectives

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