Prospective clients often come to us and expect us to use algorithms to solve their business problems.

Often in their mind, every problem can be modelled in an abstract tech module, and resolved with an algorithm and some computing power (which is cheap nowadays).

That is a big misconception.

In fact, technologically, everything is possible. However, it takes a lot of effort and costs to do it well for each use case. Whether the use case can generate a big enough opportunity worth investing in to build some AI is the question.

For most major AI companies in China, or even the world, technological capabilities are in fact similar. The key difference is the data they are able to play with.

Some complex problems, like automatic speech recognition (ASR) in cocktail-party situations, are beyond the reach of every of us, at least for now.

There is only one model that understands every situation instantly – the current sitting President of the United States.

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