Wednesday, October 5, 2022


Is Yunji a pyramid-marketing company?

What is its S2B2C model?

Souq is dead, long live Amazon (as we had predicted)

War drums right ahead of Ramadan

Repost: Do you understand Honestbee?

Honestbee is in the news again, with reports that it has run into serious cashflow problems. This just reminded us of a blog post we...

Amazon’s planned, controlled and well-executed demise in China

This is all expected, for clear reasons

A sneak peak into ecommerce logistics in Saudi Arabia

Local ecommerce marketplaces in the Middle East don’t have as much variety as ecommerce players from other regions. Therefore, consumers are looking abroad to... in trouble?

Losing its mojo?

What are the pitfalls sending e-commerce goods cross border into Indonesia?

One might ask this question when they are considering Indonesia as a potential market to enter for e-commerce businesses. However, not many businesses have...

Why ecommerce into Indonesia always clears customs in Jakarta

Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta International airport is the preferred entry port for ecommerce. Why? In the scenario where majority of the parcels bound for Indonesia are for... and the end of an era

Amazon takes over

As $3b gets injected into SEA tech, GOJEK’s major backer exits

Southeast Asia seems to continue to attract large-scale funding, sometimes tilting the subtle balances between the major players.   Softbank ups its bet on Grab Firstly,...

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