We often hear this argument: “all the business models in tech have been exploited, there is nothing else to invest in in Southeast Asia” – especially so in the last year or so. 

Well, this is not true. For example, if you draw experience from China, you would realise, whenever people talk about ‘peak innovation’, it is merely the start of the next wave of … more innovation, more business models, more companies: 

Waves of innovation of tech companies in China

Yes, each wave of successful tech companies will, in turn, generate more opportunities in the ecosystem, by creating/enabling the following: 

  1. Infrastructure: e.g. payment, logistics, data
  2. An educated customer base; 
  3. Experienced talent base; 
  4. Capital from exited investors and founders.

From the very first web models about search engines, social media to the mobile internet era; from e-commerce, fintech, and logistics to the new models in infrastructure, eg. payment, data, an educated customer base, and experience talent base. 

It is reasonable to believe that the same will happen in Southeast Asia as the ecosystem develops, and matures.

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