The Impulso Podcast is hosted by us at Momentum Works, twice a week, every week. Tune in to hear our in-house experts, community and guests unpack the latest trends, undercurrents and lessons in tech across borders. We explore topics like innovation, ecommerce, digital financial services, venture investment, and the broader digital economy. ‏‏‎ ‎In addition to covering our home base of Southeast Asia and advanced global markets like the US, we also draw extensive lessons from tech companies in China. ‏‏‎ ‎ 


This is the latest of our in-depth series, which is out every Wednesday at 8am (GMT+8). The episode covers. 


Some of the points we cover include:

  • How big is the ecommerce market in Southeast Asia?
  • Is growth plateauing, and is there more to it than offline shopping coming back, and the normalisation of Covid?
  • The major players are making entrances and exits to various markets across the geographies – we unpack their motivations, and the consumer landscape that informed them;
  • Topline numbers that outline the massive differences between 2020 and 2022;
  • Key trends and the influence of global sentiment on the Southeast Asian market;
  • The future of Ecommerce in Southeast Asia – the worst, normal, and best case scenarios;
  • What the worst case scenario says about the strength of the market, and how did we come to these conclusions?


You can listen to the podcast here (or find it on any podcast streaming service of your choosing by searching for “The Impulso Podcast”):


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