Episode 31 of the Impulso Podcast exclusively features the recording of our TikTok Shop event.

Over the last year, TikTok Shop has shown incredible growth and has presence now in 9 markets, including all major markets in Southeast Asia, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

After hitting US$4.4 billion GMV in Southeast Asia in 2022, TikTok Shop aims to triple that this year, as part of its overall (ambitious) US$20 billion target.

But what is behind all this growth? Why is TikTok betting so heavily on ecommerce? Would North American consumers watch videos and buy things on TikTok? Also, why would TikTok focus on the US market even as it is facing so much pressure there?

Tune in as our experts discuss:

  • What are the 2 strategic focuses of TikTok in ecommerce
  • The 4 key differences between TikTok Shop and other ecommerce platforms
  • Should brands work with TikTok Shop, and if the answer is yes, how?
  • The top selling brand on TikTok Shop – how did they achieve it?

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