If you have been following TLD, you would know that Momentum Works is scaling in a number of areas in 2019 after building a strong foundation in 2018.  

To achieve that, we need to beef up our (already fantastic) team of smart, versatile and diverse people. You are welcome to join us and explore opportunities in emerging markets together.

There are a few specific roles we are looking to fill below. However, if you believe there are things we should be doing and you have the passion to lead it, welcome to suggest.

You are also welcome to recommend your friends, ex-colleagues, cousins and neighbours 😉

Write to us at [email protected]

  1. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Send in your CV to: [email protected]

2. Investment Manager(s)

Send in your CV to: [email protected]

3. Business Development Manager for HalalNode

Send in your CV to: [email protected]

We are looking for an awesome business development manager who has been waiting for a chance to take the spotlight and be part of something big. What brings our young and talented people together at HalalNode is to make Halal goods accessible anywhere. To realise this vision, we are building a technology ecosystem for a global and efficient Halal goods trade where buyers and sellers can connect and transact in a seamless and transparent way.

Are you excited by the idea of changing the way trade is done in the Halal ecosystem and impacting Halal businesses around the world? Are you naturally gifted at connecting with people and establishing relationship? Are you self confident and resourceful to find buyers and sellers and convince them to join our platform? If so, look no further.

4. Management Associate(s)

Send in your CV to: [email protected]

Thanks for reading The Low Down (TLD), the blog by the team at Momentum Works. Got a different perspective or have a burning opinion to share? Let us know at [email protected].