The Shanghai venture building sharing session hosted by Momentum Works, dubbed the “Southeast Asia E-commerce and Network”, had successfully concluded yesterday.

Samuel, our Strategy Manager at Momentum Works, started off the sharing with a warm greeting

This sharing was mainly led by Momentum Works CEO, Mr. Jianggan Li. Momentum Works began with an analysis on the current situation of Southeast Asian market, and then expanded to key topics on some of the most sought-after industries-  including logistics, internet finance (ITFIN), and ecommerce.

Jianggan’s extensive experience of running Rocket Internet ventures all over Asia – you’d probably find that there’s hardly any question he can’t answer

As an experienced venture builder in Southeast Asia, MW understood that for a cross-border ecommerce company to root in Indonesia, access to well-connected people for both custom clearance and logistics are extremely crucial.

Q&A session – MW summarised all the participants’ questions and Jianggan took time to answer all of them.

To make sure all participants have something to take away from our sharing session, we collected questions and industries they would love to learn more about, and then answered and discussed their questions sequentially.

Here’s a list of some question asked by the business partners:

  1. Who are some of the recommended local logistics partner for cross-border transactions?
  2. What is the current ITFIN situation in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam?
  3. What are the things in common and differences between Southeast Asia and Mainland ITFIN?
  4. What is the current situation of Southeast Asia’s mobile payment market?
  5. What are the current situation and prospects of Southeast Asia’s ecommerce market?
  6. What are the pros and cons between countries which decided to extend their businesses in Southeast Asia and China?
  7. What is the current situation of Southeast Asia’s industrial incubator?

During the discussion, many guests shared and exchanged their insights on industries and regions they’re interested in, which took us on a nice detour to Middle Eastern, Indian and European markets. In fact, our team gained quite some valuable knowledge during this sharing seminar.

In our opinion, the blueprint of Southeast Asia is self-explanatory, but the potential problems and solutions only become more evident to those who have spent time (living and doing business) in the market.

We found more affirmation towards the prospects (and potential) of Southeast Asian market and benefited from open sharing regarding appropriate staging and timing from industrial partners.

Approaching the end of the sharing session, Momentum Works shared interesting facts on the projects we have been working on. We sincerely welcome everyone to get in touch with us, and learn more about our accomplishments and future plans.

Some of the countries our crew have launched projects in

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