Throughout the book, Seeing the Unseen: Behind Chinese Tech Giants’ Global Venturing, Guoli Chen and Jianggan Li refer to history and mythological references that Chinese tech leaders draw wisdom from. This is one of the more popular section that our readers have feedback to us. 

The Momentum Academy team, together with Professor Chen and Jianggan Li, have expanded on the wisdoms through with our new report “Tech leaders with Chinese characteristics: how history and culture shaped Chinese tech leaders”

The report, as usual, is complimentary and you can download a copy here

Here is Part 1 of the snippets from the report. :

  1. The consequent waves of Chinese tech laid the foundation for the next generation of disruption

2. What we hear in the media about China’s tech growth are sometimes bias; the real reasons are more common that you think 

In particular, “China plainly copy products”, the “Great Firewall”, and toxic Chinese work culture that we hear in the media are simply not true. 

3. History and selected work of fiction continue to inspire because the lessons they bring are universal

Works of art such as Art of War, Chu-Han contention, Romance of the three kingdoms, Journey to the West, and of course, selected work of Mao Zedong remain the must-read in the tech entrepreneur library. 

4. Mao Zedong’s learning to guide the Communist Party to win the war is ever still relevant for tech entrepenuers today

5. Mao’s principle of Selection, Speed, Quality and Savings has become a mantra

Fun fact: The most popular principle of “多快好省 (Selection, Speed, Quality, Savings)” – has become the mantra for ecommerce companies.  Most people we spoke to about the history of the phrase didn’t know that it originated from the Mao’s drive to accelerate China’s economic development. 

Why does the work of Mao, history or mythology resonates with tech entrepreneurs? This is because History and stories (the words share the same root) have always been the best way to share lessons and give direction to the future generations. 

6. What’s the POP-Leadership strategy?

The People-Organization-Product-Leadership strategy summarizes the key factors that are instrumental for the success of an organization and how it can shape the direction of your company.

7. About the authors

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