It has been more than a year since we published the Who is Shopee report, and what a different world we are in now. 

Shopee, the largest ecommerce platform in Southeast Asia, was in an all out expansion mode (new markets, new verticals) in 2021 – but the headlines for 2022 were almost all for the wrong reasons. 

Notably, amongst a few rounds of layoffs, Shopee has withdrawn from almost all the new ecommerce markets it entered before the pandemic, with the exception of … Poland. (Shopee entered Brazil before the pandemic). 

Poland, as the fulfilment hub for Europe of both Amazon and Alibaba’s AliExpress, has a fascinating ecommerce scene. The US$22.4b ecommerce market in Poland hosts not only Amazon and AliExpress, but also publicly listed homegrown champion – Allegro. 

The country also has very developed payment (notably: BLIK) and logistics (notably: parcel locker network) infrastructure; and it is cheaper to fulfil an order to a French customer from a Polish warehouse than a French one. 

Shopee largely copied its Southeast Asia playbook to Poland – cross border, free shipping, shopping festivals, seller acquisition etc. Does the same flywheel spin in Poland?

Today, we are publishing Shopee in Poland – the ecommerce hub of Europe report, which gives a systematic overview of Poland’s ecommerce market, logistics and payment infrastructure, competitive landscape (notably the 3 “A”s – Amazon/AliExpress/Allegro), Shopee’s tactics in the market, as well as whether it is indeed a launch pad for Europe. 

We also touch upon the current situation, including inflation and the war in neighbouring Ukraine, on Shopee and ecommerce in general in Poland. 

You can download a copy of the report here

Here is a preview of a few pages in the report: 

Why are we doing this report?

Poland’s similarities to Indonesia

Overview of Poland’s e-commerce ecosystem

Evolution of e-commerce in Poland

The different logistics costs

Business model of Poland’s e-commerce players

Shopping festivals – Shopee’s key tactics

How does e-commerce work in different European countries?

We will also be hosting an online briefing in the coming weeks on Shopee in Poland report, as well as Shopee’s developments in general. 

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