We are all figuring this out – and to be forward looking, we are always reminded to also look back at history.

We had a great time sharing our insights recently with the bankers from DBS Bank. We shared the the macro tech trend in 2023 (read: GMV, cash liquidity, China’s consumption and Temu), explored the culture of BMP (Byte Dance, Meituan & Pinduoduo) and explore Momentum Academy’s Meituan case study – Finding Business Clarity. 

The Chinese tech industry was cut-throat competitive back in 2011, and what did Meituan do to survive and become the tech giant they are today?

Understanding macro trends and learnings from Meituan can still guide decision makers today: When should you persist and when should you pivot? How do you build and sharpen your core competencies? And how do you (in a leadership position) align organization, people and product with the leadership to achieve strong execution?

If you would like to have this sharing and other insights for your leadership team, you are welcome to contact Momentum Academy ([email protected]). 

Here are some snippets from our talk: 

2022 was brutal, but there are some bright spots. Pinduoduo, the leading ecommerce company from China bucked the trend. As we also pointed out in our report, the rise of Pinduoduo’s Temu in the US will also be interesting to watch. 

How can we navigate turbulent times? Chicken soup from BMP (Byte Dance, Meituan & Pinduoduo) founders gives you insights of the challenges these founders experience back when they first started … 

… and how they created the culture for their company to be where they are today. 

Understanding Meituan’s journey moving from a group buy business into food delivery shed light on how cut throat competitive the market was  

… The thought process that Meituan’s leadership went through to move into the food delivery business…

And perhaps shed light on why tech investors invest in non pure-tech companies. 

At the end of the day, there are many paths to profitability. Which one is yours? 

If you would like to have this sharing and other insights for your leadership team, you are welcome to contact Momentum Academy ([email protected]).

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Prior to Momentum Works, Yorlin was in the financial sector in SIngapore and Hong Kong for 10 years - working with the Monetary Authority of Singapore, AXA and HSBC. She feels that corporate knowledge are undervalued in the start-up ecosystem and want to change this. At Momentum Works, she manages operations, overseeing joint venture operations with partners from all over the world. She always makes time to speak to people as you never know what’s the next game changer in the fickle world of fintech, e-commerce or mobile internet. In her free time, you can find her being the slave to her 5 cats.