Sunday, February 28, 2021
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MW 2021 Predictions: Southeast Asia & Chuhai

The year that just passed, 2020, was exceptional. Many of us were locked in our respective countries, cities or for some parts of the...

Final verdict: MW 2020 India, Middle East and Chuhai predictions

A way of learning from 2020.

Final verdict: MW 2020 Southeast Asia predictions

How did our crystal ball do this time?

10 Predictions for Digital Health in Thailand in 2021

This article is written by Sheji Ho, Co-founder and CEO of HD. It was originally published in Medium and reproduced with the author’s permission...

Momentum Works’ predictions for 2020

We added Chuhai this time round

Final verdict: our 2019 India predictions

Are you equally bullish about this market?

Final verdict: our 2019 Southeast Asia predictions

In December 2018, we made a series of tech & internet predictions for different regions: Southeast Asia, India, Latin America & Middle East.  As 2019...

Half year review: How are our 2019 India predictions doing?

Marching in the fog towards the glorious goal of monetisation

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