The sharing session by Momentum Works in Shanghai MWC-4YFN had successfully concluded this morning.

Through MWC-4YFN, the startup networking platform, Momentum Works shared with the audience some current development situation and opportunities in Southeast Asian market, and invited several guests to conduct detailed analysis on the investment opportunities and FinTech market in Southeast Asia.

CEO of Momentum Works, Mr. Jianggan Li, presented an overview on the Southeast Asian markets

As a keynote speaker, Jianggan touched on the current developments in the Southeast Asian markets in terms of human capital, and competitors. Key highlights include blue ocean strategies, prospective opportunities and preventable risks.

Panel Discussion

(From left to right) Moderator for this event, MW Strategy Manager Samuel Hsiao, Legend Capital CEO Wang Han, AddVentures Corporate Venture Capital Fund Manager Dusit Chairat, Principal of Burda Princial Investments Albert Shyy.

Four investors who were present on the panel, shared similar sentiments – that in the next couple of years, growth will still undoubtedly take place in Southeast Asian markets.

While the panels recognizes investment potential, the common advice is for Chinese companies (who are looking to invest or expand into Southeast Asian markets) to prepare themselves in advanced, for unique challenges within each market in Southeast Asia.

Another major point of discussion was the significance of localization (of products, services and operations) to meet the needs of each market. Respect towards cultural and religious beliefs is essential in every market.

Sharings on the Fintech Ecosystem

As a panelist, Mr. Andy Li (founder of, shared with us the developments in the Fintech industry. While the industry is still young, there’s plenty of potential. The rise of young, populous countries (Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam), which are increasingly consumer-driven, makes Southeast Asia a popular destination for investors.

To sum up, based on sharings conducted by the panelists which hail from various industries, it is obvious that the Southeast Asia will continue to be the investment hotspot, and the development of several key industries such as ecommerce, logistics and fintech going as predicted.

Our event in Shanghai will soon come to a wrap, and we appreciate your support. If you’d like to get in touch with us for any business-related conversation, please drop us an email at [email protected] and let us know how we can help.





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