Many major tech companies – including Shopee, Grab, GoTo, Meituan, Uber,  Doordash and DeliveryHero – are now publicly listed. However, it does not make comparing how they are doing much easier, as these companies report their total transaction value (GMV or equivalent), revenue, number of active users, and profitability in very different ways.

How do we compare these companies apples to apples? How do we know which companies are doing better than their peers?

Momentum Academy is launching “Apples to Apples: Making sense of, and comparing key data metrics of major tech platform companies” report to answer these questions.  In conjunction with the launch, we will be hosting an online event sharing the perspectives as well as our comparisons.

Join us on Thursday, 23 Feb 2023, 3PM-4PM SGT for an online sharing, where we break down key data and understand the rationale behind tech companies’ reporting practices, allowing you to compare apples-to-apples.

Here are some snapshots from the report that we will be running through:

A timeline of the platform company market and where they’re listed

For example, why do companies recognise incentives differently?

Our discussion will focus on these and a few key questions:

  • Why bother with key metrics?
  • GMV/GTV/GOV/TPV – what are they?
  • How much revenue are platforms making?
  • MAU/MTU/ATU – how many users are there?
  • “Contribution margin” – measure of profitability?
  • How much cash do platforms really have?
  • Conclusion & perspectives

We will also be discussing some broader industry trends concerning platform companies, especially after the turbulence of 2022.

Reserve your spot at the “Apples to Apples” report briefing, Thursday, 23 Feb 2023, 3PM-4PM SGT.

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See you!

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