Many of our friends in Latin America had been asking us who is Shopee, and how does it work? It seems that this Southeast Asian ecommerce company just came out of nowhere, and is now a force to be reckoned with there. 


We at Momentum Works have come up with our “Who is Shopee” report . It covers amongst other things, insights on the company, the organisation, how it won the ecommerce in Southeast Asia, and its prospects in Latin America. 

The report is intended for our friends in Latin America, but our Impulso community thought otherwise. The Impulso communitywho had exclusive access to the report earlier gave feedback that the report was also very suitable for the Asian market – it seems that here in Southeast Asia, we all know about Shopee, but we don’t know what makes them so successful.

The insights on Shopee leadership and organisation in the report was particularly interesting to our community, and we think it will be for you as well. 


And how did SEA won ecommerce in Southeast Asia? We believe that there are 4 key components – and if you have joined any our ecommerce briefings, you’d most probably have heard our CEO, Jianggan Li, talked about it. One of them is using free shipping to spin the flywheel. 

We are proud to announce that the report has been published this week, and you can find it here. 

Get your copy today. 

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