In our Food Delivery Platforms in Southeast Asia earlier this year, we described Meituan as a potential role model of operational efficiency and profitability.

Since then, we have received a lot of enquiries – including about what exactly merchants and ecosystem partners can do with Meituan.

So we extracted the list from official sources – from this list you can also get a pretty comprehensive understanding of the local services business segments Meituan is in:

For F&B merchants:
1. Become a Meituan food delivery merchant;
2. Become a Meituan dine-in merchant (for traffic discovery);
3. Use Meituan to manage queues for dine-in;
4. Use Meituan for restaurant reservations;
5. Use Meituan Kuailu to procure ingredients and materials;
6. Use Meituan’s SaaS to manage the establishment;

Meituan’s value adding services F&B merchants:
1. Meituan merchant loan (up to RMB 1 million);
2. Meituan wallet for merchants (one stop financial services platform);
3. Deploy Meituan power banks;
4. Deploy Meituna pick-up cabinets;
5. Participate in Meituan’s training to manage restaurant digitally;
6. Apply for F&B licences;

Meituan’s franchise services:
1. Become a group buy franchisee;
2. Become a city agent for food delivery;
3. Become a delivery fleet partner;
4. Become a human resource partner for delivery;
5. Become a channel partner for F&B SaaS;
6. Become a channel partner for Meituan PoS;

7. Become a channel partner for pick-up cabinets;
8. Become a partner for power bank deployment;
9. Become a service partner for F&B merchants;
10. Become a delivery enabler for F&B brands;
11. Become a partner for research and development;
12. Become a partner for Meituan’s marketing and promotion platform;

Job opportunities for F&B:
1. Become a delivery rider;
2. Become an operations executive for delivery;

For Meituan Select (Community Group Buy):
1. Become a Meituan select merchant;
2. Become a Meituan Maicai (fresh groceries retail) merchant;
3. Become a community head/agent;
4. Become a city channel partner;
5. Become a ground sales partner (to recruit merchants, drivers, agents etc.);
6. Become a full fledged area agent;

7. Become a joint operations partner;
8. Become a warehouse partner;
9. Become a city delivery partner;
10. Become a driver for central fulfilment centre;
11. Become an area driver;
12. Become an operational executive at a central fulfilment centre;
13. Become an area operational executive;
14. Become a ground promotion/acquisition agent;

Meituan Flash (on demand ecommerce):
1. Join as a supermarket/convenience store;
2. Join as a fresh groceries merchant;
3. Join as a fruit merchant;
4. Join as a pet suppliers merchant;
5. Join as a merchant for other categories;
6. Join as a ground promotion/acquisition partner;
7. Join as a delivery partner;
8. Join as a rider agency;

Meituan Kuailu (food ingredients supply chain):
1. Join as a supplier of ingredients;
2. Join as a delivery driver;
3. Join as a warehouse operator;

Meituan Haohuo (Premium ecommerce):
1. Join as a premium merchant;

For travel industry:
1. List your hotel on Meituan;
2. List your apartment on Meituan;
3. List your other travel merchant on Meituan;
4. Join as a partner for review management;
5. Join as a distributor for hotels;
6. Deploy Meituan Powerbanks;

For leisure industry:
1. Join as a leisure merchant;
2. Join as a show organiser/cinema;
3. Join as an agent;
4. Join as a city distributor;
5. Deploy membership management system for your beauty/hair establishment;

Ride hailing & mobility:
1. Join as partner for shared bikes;
2. Join as operator for campus shared bikes;
3. Join as ride hailing driver;

Use Meituan’s entreprise services: cars, food etc.

Drivers & operators:
1. Join as a Meituan Select driver;
2. Join as a Kuailu supply chain driver;
3. Join as a ride hailing car driver;
4. Join as a warehouse operator;

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