Thanks to borders reopening, a few of us at Momentum Works went to work in Bali for a week.

Though Bali is not a representation of Indonesia, we found some interesting insights after our experience on the ground and casual chats with drivers.

We called both a taxi and motorcycle during the rush hour. Of course, the motorcycle arrived at the destination faster. 

Narrow streets and traffic congestion are key factors why motorcycles move faster. 

Grab allows each user to book one motorcycle at a time, while Gojek allows two.

Both Grab and Gojek’s charges were the same – a 2km ride costs about 15,000 IDR (approx. USD$1)

According to local rider Krisna, Gojek is more about rides and Grab is more about food, but there’s no difference in how these two companies pay. Thus he is currently working for both. 

He also told me in excitement that he enjoys ride-hailing because he gets to meet and talk with foreigners. 

So which one is better?

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