Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Collaborative Development: Momentum Works and The Passage join hands for expansion...

Momentum Works and The Passage signed a joint strategic plan (MoU) on May 23, aiming at breaking into the global technology investment market. Exciting collaboration...

Did Walmart pay too much to acquire Flipkart?

Walmart will take a 77% stake in Flipkart for the price of US$16 billion, making it the world’s largest ecommerce acquisition to date.

Why many Chinese find it hard to work with Indians

Prof Zhang said, when a typical Chinese is working with a typical Indian, the former will experience four stages of being: happiness, anxiety, disappointment, and fury.

Club Factory recently raised US$100 million, who are they?

A saying goes that many investors jumped into investing in Club Factory because they missed both Wish and JollyChic.

Amazon has this key advantage over Alibaba (for now)

Amazon, as a company, is much more international in terms of working language, talent and culture.

[MW Weekend] All things big and small

Brilliantly written brief on the state of ecommerce in India

UC Browser’s tough lesson from Alibaba

"Marrying into the purple" is a dream but not as sweet as for everyone, especially if you are not making the money. UC Browser is having a hard time beating its opponents - in the meantime - survives the pressure from its parent group Alibaba.

Momentum Works’ predictions beyond Southeast Asia

You would have read our predictions for Southeast Asia last week. Now, we have our predictions for what we think is going to happen further afield...

Subsising MDR is a masterstroke by Indian government

Last Friday (16th December 2017) the Indian Government announced that from January 1 2018 it would absorb the merchant discount rate (MDR) on transactions...

Ripe time for food tech in SEA, but not your usual...

We Southeast Asians are probably obsessed with our food: we not only instagram the hell out of it, but also debate with our friendly...

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