Momentum Works and The Passage signed a joint strategic plan (MoU) on May 23, aiming at breaking into the global technology investment market.

Exciting collaboration between Momentum Works and The Passage

According to data released by authorities,  investment opportunities in the developing markets will be very sizable by 2020 (USD 500 billion). China, with its wealth of experience will play an important role in leading and investing in these markets.

Momentum Works has significant presence in the Southeast Asian regions where the company is able to utilize abundant local resources, rely on its experience and expert teams, launch collaborative projects, and set up strategic plan on behalf of investors.

The company owns several subsidiaries in Singapore, Jakarta, and Bangkok. Its members are engaged in business activities in Southeast Asia, India, Middle East, and South America.

The Passage focuses on the Asian market, centered around India. It covers news related to technology startups and markets. The headquarters of the company is located in Bangalore, India with international correspondent branches in Beijing and New York.

The Passage is operated by professionals specialized in reporting technology related news. Its Chinese and English content are held in high regard by national and international experts in the industry.

Both Momentum Works and The Passage believe their partnership is highly complementary – combining Momentum’s Southeast Asian market experience, with The Passage’s Indian market know-how. This would no doubt help both companies seek out fresh opportunities in the Asian market.

Jianggan Li (Founder & CEO of Momentum Works) and Jianlong Hu (Co-Founder & CEO of The Passage)

Collaborative development in global market

In recent years, Southeast Asia and India have come into the radar of international investors and entrepreneurs. Momentum Works has helped numerous Chinese and Southeast Asian partners – conducting feasibility studies, forming working teams, applying for business licenses, navigating government agencies, and many more.

As a largely popular media platform in India, The Passage will be able to provide precise, efficient, and first-hand information to partners that are interested in the Indian market.

The Passage trusts that Momentum’s powerful execution capabilities is complementary to its content business. In the long run, both companies aim to leverage each other’s strengths to create a one-stop platform for investors.


Both Momentum Works and The Passage understand that opportunities and challenges go hand in hand. However, the benefits clearly outweigh the challenges. Both firms are convinced that their collaboration will set the bar higher for the industry, creating multi-win opportunities for them and their partners.

Momentum Works and The Passage whole-heartedly invite partners to reach out for a chat. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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