This year’s CES has just concluded in Las Vegas. Again, lots of announcements, lots of cool stuff and lots of eyeballs.

The participation of Chinese companies is probably even higher than last year, when a chart went famous in China:

Shenzhen dominated?

Among the 4500 or so exhibitors at last year’s CES, 482 carried the word “Shenzhen” in their name.

Of course, this meant that all these companies were actually from Shenzhen – but it does not mean that other groups, such as USA or Japan, are much smaller in numbers. In China, it is required for companies to specify their registered city in their official name.

It is also not a surprise as Shenzhen is indeed the electronic capital in the world.

That said, the Shenzhen companies (or those from neighbouring Dongguan & other Chinese municipalities) are not always high tech:

Also at CES

Not every company there is genuine as well – we know a few who are obviously fraud. It is not wise to share it here – but I guess it is also difficult for the show organiser to detect, since booking of the exhibition space is outsourced to agents.

In fact, some of the companies are there not to actually sell anything or explore any partnership. They are there simply because they could tell their customers & partners in China how great they are – “we are even at the CES”.

The show goes on. For the most of us, it is still an exciting event with cool stuff.

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