So, China is producing a lot of masks, amongst other things; and everyone is trying to source for ventilator from China.

While there are many claims by sellers or brokers over how many deals they have facilitated, the following numbers from the Customs of China are probably the most accurate.

According to Jin Hai, Director of General Operation, General Administration of Customs of China, covid-19 related supplies with a total worth of CNY 16.56 billion (US$ 2.35 billion) have cleared customs for export between 1 and 12 of April.

At the same time, the Customs have blocked a significant amount of unlicensed medical suppliers, totally 33 million items. They include 31.65 million masks, 0.5 million protective coveralls, 1.189 million Covid-19 test kits, and 667 ventilators.

Jin Hai stressed that while there is a serious crackdown on unlicensed products, those with proper certifications and honest customs declarations will not be affected at all.

Ultimately, in a divided world, the Chinese government actually cares A LOT about their reputation, as well as that of “made in China”.

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