The following is meant to be a joke, but it gives a glimpse of the medical supply market chaos in China since the Wuhan lockdown. Be careful of scam if you are sourcing:

From 23 Jan to 17 April, I have been in discussions of a few major deals:

Disposable masks – 100 million pieces, KN95 masks – 200 million pieces, N95 masks – 100 million pieces, kids masks – 30 million pieces, gloves – 30 million pieces, infrared thermometers – 100 million units, meltblown fabric – 10 thousand metric tonnes, ventilators – 10 thousand units, and PP – 20 thousand metric tonnes!

I have been in contact with 98 listed companies in China and abroad. I have made contact with three SOE heads, and a number of ambassadors!

I have added 500+ wechat friends, and spoken with hundreds of suppliers! Aside from thousands of small orders I have worked on, the list above has a value to about US$50 billion. 

Actual transactions completed: 

Masks: 5000 pieces

Gloves: 0 

Meltblown fabric: 0 tonnes

Ventilator: 1 unit

Testing kits: 500 

Infrared thermometer: 1000 units. 

I have not been properly sleeping for two months, charged my phone multiple times everyday, replaced my battery twice, missed 1000+ calls, and hundreds of thousands of WeChat messages, and spent CNY 800 on my mobile bill.

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