In the aftermath of new rules against the off-campus education industry, the Education Commission in China carried out law enforcement inspections on off-campus tutoring institutions and teachers. 

News on July 27th revealed how a teacher in Huangshan, AnHui was caught and punished for earning money from off-campus tutoring. 

It all started from a number of parents tipped off reporters that the teacher was offering paid off-campus tutoring. News said, “after days of investigation, reporters are convinced that the teacher, surnamed Lu, was suspected of making a profit from teaching off campus. 

“Almost every day, students carry school bags into Lu’s villa. From morning to afternoon, different groups of students enter the villa, stay for two hours, and leave.”

Acting on the tip-off, the local Education Commission paid great attention and immediately organized a special team to conduct on-site investigations. According to the news, the local Education Commision claims that they have zero tolerance for such off-campus tutoring, and they will seriously deal with this case in accordance with the law and regulations. 

In addition, they welcome whistleblowing from students and parents. 

It is ironic to see parents paying for off campus tutoring while tipping off the reporters at the same time. Personally, I think they have been pushed to a breaking point- every parent knows what the problem is, no one could fight against this common phenomenon before, but now they have a chance. 

However, I still doubt the prospect of completely stopping off campus training. Is China’s exam-oriented education system the problem?

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