An interesting discussion on Momentum Works’s WeChat community yesterday:

  • A: Dear all, who knows the most effective way of attracting customers to a WeChat mini-programme? (e.g. an app by a brand/merchant, but hosted on wechat)
  • B: Discount
  • C: Discount
  • B: Just check how Pinduoduo does it. Here is my invite code.
  • A: Aside from discounting, any other most effective methods?
  • D: Offering your product/samples for free!
  • E: Turn whatever you pay for marketing costs into rebates for actual target customers
  • A: I thought so too, but how to explain to my foreign boss who is from a traditional industry
  • E: How traditional is it? Agriculture? Manufacturing?
  • A: Traditional retail, which is probably dying
  • D: I think you should stop wasting your time, and start looking forward to reincarnation

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