Last week, Tai Chi Boxing Master Ma Baoguo went onto the ring against an MMA pro. However, the latter was not available so Wang Qingmin, an amateur coach, stepped in.

This is what happened:

Some call Ma a fraud.

However, even if he was a fraud, he would probably not be stupid enough to go for public humiliation. This is how proud he (usually) is, or was:

The truth is – he is not dumb. However, he has been telling the same great story (that how great his taichi boxing is) for years, with all the people around him (disciples, partners, journalists) complying with the story rather than challenging it.

And you know what happens? After years you actually believe that you are a great kung-fu fighter.

Until you hit a real opponent who comes from the outside, like the 50 year old amateur MMA coach Mr Wang.

Some lessons to draw when you build a company or advance in your career.

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