The articles from our Super Interns, Han Siang and Kate pretty much give a good overview of the culture at Momentum Works. Words like challenging, team player/collaborative and fun pretty much made up our work environment.

You have to be warned that you will be going through a hell of a ride when you first start off with us because to be honest, we are working with a very ambiguous, and highly fluid environment. Not everyone can deal with this ambiguity effectively, which is why we were able to identify signs of having hired the wrong person.

However if you are resilient, adapt fast and think critically (and logically), you are more than welcome to join us on this bumpy but fun flight!  

We never stop recruiting, so you can always reach out to us for a chat. Nonetheless, we are specifically looking to fill a few roles here:

  1. Business Development Manager (consulting)
  • Smart, driven and pleasant;
  • Track record in selling consulting services to decision makers;
  • Able to oversee the whole project implementation;
  • Good sense of humour
  1. CFO, Portfolio startup, Fintech  
  • Experience with fundraising process in Series B & beyond;
  • Familiar with cross border currency hedging;
  • Ideally fluent in both English and Mandarin;
  • Good sense of humour
  1. Super Interns – Chinese content/market analysis
  • Keen interest and basic understanding in ecommerce, fintech & mobile internet
  • Able to communicate effectively
  • Good data analytics and critical thinking skills;
  • Good sense of humour

Some of our friends are hiring as well:

  1. General Manager – US market (Well funded cross border payment/settlement startup)
  • US Citizen, to be based in US
  • Familiar with payment & ecommerce ecosystem
  • Solid connections within the industry
  1. Business Development Manager – Japanese (A B2B ecommerce startup)
  • Fluent in Japanese language, familiar with Japanese culture
  • Familiar with cross border buying process
  • Experience in supply chain related fields a plus

If you are interested or know someone who might be a perfect fit, feel free to drop a note to [email protected].

Looking forward!!!

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