Momentum Works is looking for super interns/full time management associates on: Market Research, Marketing, Content Creation, Operations. Since we are under covid-19 lockdown, we are flexible with the location of interns – our current batch of interns and new joiners are working from locations as far as Indonesia, China and Mexico! 

Please do note that the following positions are interchangeable – and the requirements are the same. We arrange tasks and learning by sprints – so if you are up for it, you can do all four! 

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Market Research Intern/Management Associate

  • Research on specific topics concerning tech, internets & VC in emerging markets; 
  • Execute insight/research report projects; 
  • Write outstanding/refreshing opinions/analyses; 
  • Engage with clients/partners on related projects; 
  • Engage with the community of key stakeholders/influencers; 

Marketing Intern/Management Associate 

  • Grow the brand of Momentum Works and associated ventures; 
  • Plan and execute events, social campaigns and content;
  • Experiment different growth methods to increase and retain the user base; 
  • Measure results of key metrics and iterate;

Content Creation Intern/Management Associate

  • Write insightful/refreshing content for our blog TLD (or WeChat channel) on tech & VC; 
  • Conduct high level discussions with key stakeholders for insights; 
  • Coordinate with insights and venture teams to export their experience through the blogs; 

Operations Intern/Management Associate

  • Plan and execute operational projects for Momentum Works ventures;
  • Manage internal and external stakeholders to ensure on time execution;
  • Resolve with issues and challenges that arise during the planning and execution process; 
  • Build and maintain agile processes and frameworks


  • Structured, critical thinker and comfortable with data (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Passionate about tech, internet and ventures
  • Confident to communicate with all levels of stakeholders, including external partners and clients
  • Driven, tenacious, flexible & adaptable 
  • Different 
  • Good sense of humour

About Momentum Works

Headquartered in Singapore, Momentum Works builds, scales and manages tech ventures across the emerging world. We combine strategic understanding, execution experience, and a great team to make things happen. In addition to building ventures, we work with a network of partners to consult on strategy, venture financing and other areas of operations.

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