Wuzhen, 6 Nov, 2018 – Momentum Works has officially launched the Emerging Markets Tech Investment Index (EMTII) at the prestigious 5th World Internet Conference, Wuzhen Summit.

CEO of Momentum Works, Mr. Jianggan Li, announcing the launch of EMTII


EMTII gives investors, companies and entrepreneurs a complete and accurate overview of the opportunities in major tech sectors in each of the major markets outside US and China.

Ever since Momentum Works (MW) launched the TLD blog (tld.momentum.asia), we have been receiving an increasing number of queries on our perspectives concerning opportunities in specific markets and sectors.

Before EMTII’s launch, tech investment decision makers have to piece together information from media articles and field trips to find the next opportunity outside China and US. However, this has not been easy as the sources often do not give full, accurate, and actionable insights.

To solve this problem, MW put together a number of in-house experts and network of frontline practitioners to produce the Emerging Markets Tech Investment Index (EMTII).

The major areas analysed including infrastructure readiness, timing (macro and micro), availability of funding, performance of major companies in the sector, as well as key relevant risk factors.

By combining first-hand insights and analyses, EMTII is an honest, in depth, and practical assessment on specific countries and sectors in the emerging world.

How to read the EMTII?

The index for each market and sector is presented in two bars – Opportunities & Risks.

Under Opportunities, we look at different stages in the particular sector’s lifecycle from zero to IPO. Under each stage you will find information on the reasonable minimum valuation, the estimated time it would take to reach the next stage, and whether we believe this stage represents the best investment opportunity (marked with a yellow star).

Here’s an example for Indonesia Ecommerce:

For Ecommerce in Indonesia, we believe the best investment opportunities are in Early (series A and B), with a reasonable valuation of US$25 million and above, and it would take companies in this stage about 12-24 months to reach the next stage.

The Risk bar gives you a sense of the risk involved while investing in the specific country and sector. It is a combination of political, economic, policy, operational, and other risk factors that might impact the value and growth of your investment:

The above is the risk bar for Indonesia Ecommerce, as you can see, combining all the factors, we believe the risk is between Low and Moderate, a good sign for the sector’s growth.

Emerging Markets Tech Investment Index Reports (EMTIIR)

To help investment decision makers with full, accurate and actionable insights, we complement  the EMTII with our Emerging Markets Tech Investment Index Reports (EMTII Reports).

Each individual country/sector EMTII Report provides detailed, first-hand information and analyses on macro overview, infrastructure readiness, competitive landscape, operational considerations and each of the risk factors.

The key differentiation EMTII Reports has over other reports is that EMTII Reports is not produced by secondary research, but by real practitioners with first-hand information, insights and perspectives.

EMTII Reports also provide MW’s views on this industry, where we think it will be going, and what you should do to get there.

How to get them

You can click visit the MW Insights website (https://thelowdown.momentum.asia/insights) to find the currently available EMTII Opportunities and Risks bars.

You can also purchase the EMTII Reports for Ecommerce in Indonesia and Fintech in Indonesia by clicking the images below. More reports will be made available progressively.

For any further queries, you are welcome to email us [email protected].

All the best!

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