In our new report on Tech leaders with Chinese characteristics, we explore how history and Mao Zedong’s strategies shaped Chinese tech leaders’ strategies and characteristics. You can read Part 1 of the summary.

In Part 2, we explore the commonalities amongst the new generation of major Chinese tech giants – Meituan, ByteDance and Pinduoduo. We also look at the bionics.

You can get a complimentary copy of the Tech leaders with Chinese characteristics report here.

Let’s dive in:

1. The founders of Meituan, Bytedance and Pinduoduo share commonalities – apart from being from China

All of them spent 7 years as founders before starting the current (and successful) company. 

2. Meituan, ByteDance and Pinduoduo challenged Alibaba and Tencent 

They all started with the masses – in alignment with Mao’s “Seize the countryside to encircle the cities” strategy. 

3. Shark vs Crocodile – which has the last laugh

Jack Ma had famously said that Alibaba, the Yangtze crocodile in the river, could beat eBay, the shark in the ocean, because the fight would happen in the river, not the ocean.

Now, in the eyes of many, Alibaba is the shark that has to beat the saltwater crocodiles, caimans and Komodo dragons. 

Although …  The “crocodiles” in the Yangtze river are actually alligators.

4. Crocodiles evolve to become sharks, or die trying

If you have ever run an investor-funded tech startup, you would know what that means. 

5. Are you on the path to becoming a sharknado?

The ultimate goal of any company is to become a “sharknado”, but are you on the right track? Are your product, people, organization and leadership aligned with your goals? 

6. What is the POP-Leadership strategy?

The People-Organization-Product-Leadership strategy summarizes the key factors that are instrumental for the success of an organization. 

7. About the authors 

If you would like to know more about Chinese tech companies, and how they evolved from being a crocodile to a shark, you can get a complimentary copy of the report here.

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